AMSARA/DESAR provides analytic and research support to:

  • Improve Warfighter health, readiness, and lethality
  • Optimize recruitment, retention, and deployment
  • Reduce medical attrition and disability
The Accession Medical Standards Analysis and Research Activity (AMSARA) and Disability Evaluation System Analysis and Research (DESAR) teams utilize epidemiological research and analytics to aid the Department of Defense (DOD) in optimizing recruitment and retention of Service Members. AMSARA/DESAR also partners with DOD and non-DOD investigators on projects to assess and measure the impact of exposure, disease, injury on military service and disability.

Our capabilities include all stages of the research process incorporating analytics whenever appropriate, beneficial and efficient. We mine military health and administrative databases, design large-scale epidemiological studies, curate and analyze data, and interpret complex findings into informative and actionable solutions.


Enhance Warfighter medical readiness and lethality through expert study design and data analysis of acute and chronic diseases, behavioral health disorders, battle and non-battle injuries and occupational exposures that inform DOD medical accession, retention, deployment and disability policies.


Provide historic perspective, subject matter expertise, and tailored real-time results to DOD leadership for optimizing responsiveness to the ever-changing needs of the Warfighter.


AMSARA Contact Information

Statistics & Epidemiology, WRAIR
503 Robert Grant Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910