Capabilities and Expertise

Our team of military and civilian physicians, epidemiologists, statisticians, and data scientists implements large-scale epidemiological analyses and predictive modeling. We conduct population health and preventive medicine studies on a wide range of topics such as brain and behavioral health, injuries, infectious diseases, other acute and chronic diseases and disorders, and more to inform and guide policy-making and actionable solutions throughout the U.S. military. Our extensive experience in understanding and manipulating complex military databases, performing complicated statistical analyses, interpreting copious epidemiologic results in the military context, and communicating findings has resulted in actionable solutions, which guide policy-making.



  • Epidemiologic studies (descriptive, cross-sectional, case-control, longitudinal/cohort etc.), research design and advanced biostatistical modeling support

  • Acquisition, management, integration, analysis, and summarization of relevant data from multiple agencies

  • Data curation/transformation into meaningful analytic format and design

  • Data mining and visualization

  • Evaluation of medical standards from an epidemiologic perspective

Data Expertise: From Application to End of Service

  • Application for enlisted service and officer commissioning
  • Accession medical waivers
  • Manpower
    • Accession
    • Loss
    • Deployment
    • Casualty
  • Medical utilization
    • Medical encounter (ambulatory, hospitalization, and purchased care)
    • Theater medical encounter
    • Pharmacy, laboratory, and immunization
    • Reportable medical event
  • Disability evaluation and discharge