The Medical Readiness Systems Biology (MRSB) branch aims to apply robust and precise molecular-based solutions for military-relevant health performance, resilience and readiness.  MRSB is a disease-agnostic program that utilizes high-throughput, multi-omics platforms supported by a suite of cutting edge, targeted assay tools and AI-driven analytical capabilities to identify diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers, and generate a knowledge base about biological mechanisms and personalized care. MRSB is committed to developing a seamless, integrative module enabling to interrogate genome-to-phenome landscape to inform medical interventions and develop products to improve Warfighter health, performance, resilience, and readiness. 


Research Areas

Multi-omics Platform

Multi-omics PhotoOur multi-omics platform facilitates genomic, transcriptomic, metagenomics, epigenomics, proteomic and metabolomic investigations, bolstered by a vast and constantly growing collection of tools and technologies. Our resources include automated biomolecule extraction tool, next-generation sequencing platforms, microarrays, pyrosequencing, and a spectrum of assay validation platforms.

Bioinformatics and Statistics

Bioinformatics and Stats PhotoA number of cutting-edge statistical analysis suites and mining platforms are developed in-house for the back stream refinement and validation of the acquired data. A central data warehouse is leveraged to integrate intramural and extramural data across the enterprise and perform analyses in order to convert knowledge to discovery.


Software and Web Applications

Software and Web App Photo

We develop software and web applications to facilitate analysis and visualization of complex systems biology projects, including PanoromiX, a tool to explore time-series network models online with full support of interactive animation functionalities, and Functional Heatmap, a tool to analyze time-series data for heatmap-based visualization, pathway analysis and comparison to different cohorts.