Science Education and Fellowship Programs

WRAIR is proud to support the U.S. Army's mission to develop a more scientifically and technologically literate citizenry with a range of science education and professional development programs. The Army also has a growing need for scientists, engineers, and mathematicians as well as highly qualified, STEM-literate leaders, technicians, and skilled workers in advanced manufacturing, logistics, management and other technology-driven fields. Success and sustainment for the Army’s Science & Technology Enterprise heavily depends on the continuous development of innovative solutions that protect the greatest asset – our Soldier – and our nation, against current and emerging threats.

WRAIR leverages its world-class scientists and facilities to offer a collaborative, cohesive portfolio of opportunities that effectively engage students of all proficiency levels, interests, social, and economic backgrounds in meaningful, real-world STEM experiences as well as paid internships and fellowships with Army-sponsored mentors.


Gains in the Education of Mathematics and Science (GEMS): GEMS is a one week hands-on program available throughout the summer for rising 7th through 12th graders aimed at involving and engaging young people with STEM early in their academic careers. The program uses a multi-disciplinary educational curriculum with age-appropriate, hands-on activities in a teaching laboratory. Students may choose either a biomedical or engineering focus. Visit the GEMS website for more information and application.

High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP): Since 1981, the WRAIR has accepted academically advanced high school students to participate in hands-on research experiences in research laboratories under the direction of scientists-mentors during the summer. SEAP students gain scientific experience and present their research at the end of the program. Visit the US Army Educational Outreach Program Website at HSAP to apply.


Near-Peer Mentor (NPM): NPMs are undergraduate or recent post-baccalaureate students who intern as teachers and mentors to the GEMS students. Near-peer mentorship develops participants as researchers and educators, improving academic knowledge, written and oral communication skills, and other professional and collaborative skills. Visit the GEMS website for more information about near-peer mentorship.

Undergraduate Apprenticeship Program (URAP):  URAP provides undergraduate students seeking summer internships opportunities to participate in research at WRAIR while being mentored by experienced Army researchers. A wide range of opportunities are available, especially in the areas of infectious disease and brain health research. The 8-12 week internship concludes with submitting an abstract and a public poster presentation. Visit the URAP website for more information

Post-Baccalaureate and Graduate

Oak Ridge Institute of Science Education (ORISE) Fellowships: ORISE fellowships at WRAIR are opportunities for members of the STEM academic community (undergraduate and graduate students, recent graduates, postdocs, and university faculty members) to work alongside and be mentored by Army scientists. With flexible, renewable appointments, ORISE provides recent graduates with research opportunities to help prepare motivated students for a career in STEM while providing them with laboratory knowledge to use in pursuit of an advanced degree. Visit the ORISE-DOD website for more information and to apply.

National Research Council (NRC) Fellowships: NRC fellowships at WRAIR are post-doctoral opportunities for members of the STEM academic community to work alongside and be mentored by Army scientists. NRC Research Associates are able to advance their careers by conducting research full time in the largest biomedical laboratory in the Department of Defense. WRAIR's laboratories overseas are also research sites for selected fellows. Visit the NRC website for more information and to apply.

US Army Education Outreach Program Fellowships:  Through the new AEOP Fellowships, WRAIR offers professional research opportunities at the post-baccalaureate, graduate, and post-doctoral levels in its cutting-edge research laboratories.  See more details for part- and full-time fellowships at AEOP Fellowships.

Clinical Pharmacology Fellowship

Clinical Pharmacology Fellowship Program: The Clinical Pharmacology Fellowship Program was established jointly at WRAIR's Experimental Therapeutics Branch and the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in 1980. This is a two-year accredited fellowship designed to meet the needs of the Army Medical Department for clinical pharmacologists. The Clinical Pharmacology Fellowship is available to active-duty Army physicians who are board eligible/certified in a primary specialty and active duty Army PhDs/PharmDs (71A or 71B).

For more information and to apply, please contact us by clicking here.