The Gorgas Memorial Library (GML) serves WRAIR and NMRC, supporting innovation to improve the lives of Service Members at home and abroad. We provide timely, seamless access to relevant resources, regardless of the original format or location. GML resources and services are available to scientists and staff located in Silver Spring and in the associated overseas labs.

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Note: As of October 2022, this website requires an EZ-Proxy login for off-site, or OCONUS access. Credentials are only provided to affiliated WRAIR/NMRC users.

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Hours:  Monday through Friday 07:45 to 16:30. Patrons with a keycard may access the library at any time.
Address:  503 Robert Grant Ave, Silver Spring, Maryland, 20910
Telephone:  301-319-9555

Visitor Information:  External personnel must receive permission prior to visiting the library.

GML's Lib Guide and EZ Proxy
The GML Li​bGuides​ “Website” contains the latest and most up-to-date information on library resources, services, trainings, and other topics of interest. The guide is accessible to all users associated with WRAIR and NMRC. You must have EZ Proxy credentials to access the GML LibGuides and library resources from overseas labs, while traveling, or working from home. Request EZ Proxy credentials using the link above.

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Historical Resources


Housed in the Gorgas Memorial Library, the archives at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research include unique, historical material related to the history of the institute, including the critical early research of overseas laboratories, photographs, and working papers of selected key military and civilian researchers and scientists who have made noteworthy contributions to WRAIR efforts.

To place a request, please fill out the following two forms:

E-mail the completed forms to:
Please note the following CTC policies:

  • Researchers must visit the library in-person to access the archives.
  • We will not make copies for patrons off-site. You must be in person to view the documents.
  • You must be a U.S. Citizen to come on site to view archives.

A list of Archival Finding Aids is available below:

WRAIR History

Overseas Laboratories