From data point to decision point: Our team of military and civilian physicians, epidemiologists, statisticians, and data scientists implements large-scale epidemiological analyses and predictive modeling. We conduct population health and preventive medicine studies on a wide range of topics to inform and guide policy-making and actionable solutions throughout the U.S. military.

Our extensive experience in understanding/manipulating complex military databases, performing sophisticated statistical analyses, and interpreting complicated epidemiologic results in the military context has resulted in actionable solutions which help guide policy-making.


Execute descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics using epidemiological methods to assess the impact of pre-existing medical conditions, occupational exposures, diseases and injuries on military service.

  • Evaluation of medical standards

  • Epidemiological studies (descriptive, cross-sectional, case-control, longitudinal/cohort etc.), research design and advanced biostatistical modeling support

  • Data mining and visualization

  • Data curation/transformation

  • Acquisition, management, integration, analysis, and summarization of relevant data from multiple agencies